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The Registry Edition: Couples + Guests

The Registry! Just the sound of the word starts the stress level rising from both sides of the coin. For the couple on where to register? Let’s face it, most couples have most of the things that a traditional registry would include these days.  And for the guest, where are they registered? What do I get for them? And what is appropriate?

We decided to look at both sides. Let us offer our advice on the subject and hopefully, as we like to do, lower the stress level a bit.


When you sit down with one another to try to decide what to register for, what you need, what you don’t, remember it is about the two of you. You can absolutely go the traditional route, and there are plenty of sites that can offer you traditional options.

Realistically, though, you probably have everything you need for the house so, what do you register for? Before the question starts coming from every relative “where are you registered?” Check out one of our favorite options At Zola, you can register for all the traditional items, for honeymoon funds, home-funds and even charities.


Where to begin, well let’s see, first, there are no set rules anymore. And given that most couples by the time they walk down they walk aisle have everything they really need for the home, what do you get them??

Our friends at Zola provided us with some helpful tips when deciding on what to do about gift buying for the happy couple.

Whether you are the couple or the guest, communication is key. For the bride and groom, a wedding website to share information with your guests, including registry information is vital. It gives you an opportunity to explain your choices too.

And for the guest, be sure to look at their site, and respect their choices, it may not be what you are used to but it is their day after all.

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