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First 5 things you should do now that you are engaged!

You have been dreaming about the ring on your finger, you could almost feel it but now that it’s there, where do you start? Today’s weddings are or can be overwhelming. There are no rules anymore pertaining to weddings, pretty much anything goes. Well, almost anything…

Having been in this business (oh so many years) I can say that there are certain things you should do first and before anything else.


1) Sit with your families and decide on a budget: there are more tears shed over budgets than anything else. If you can establish this upfront, it will save you a lot of time & aggravation.

2) HIRE A PLANNER: So, I know what you may be thinking, “I don’t need a planner, I can do this on my own. I got this.” And you may be the person that can do it on their own, but I don’t know why you would want to. A planner is the only vendor that can save you money. They negotiate on your behalf (dollars saved), they know the market & where to get what you are looking for at the right price (more dollars saved). They are a sounding board when you are getting “advice” from everyone you know including the guy across the street who has been married four times (total expert). They are the guardian of your event, ensuring that all those dreams you have in your head about your wedding day become a reality. What can I say, Hire a Planner!

3) Pick a date: Now the fun part! Picking the date for your wedding. No easy task! There are a lot of items you should consider. Time of year; is it near any major holidays, family milestones, high travel times. All these things that will impact the availability of your guests to attend. The location of your wedding, their season, is it high or low? How will that impact your budget?

4) Pick a place: Now I say place vs. venue because what we are seeing more and more are destination weddings. Couples are choosing to find a location that may not be home for them. You and your fianceé should sit down and discuss where you want to get married, local or destination? Hotel or Private venue? And of course, consider the additional costs home vs. destination, the costs for guests to travel, etc…

5) Guest List: Who to invite and who not to invite – that is the question and the source of a lot of arguments. I would suggest sitting down with those who are contributing to your event and create a master guest list and see where you are. It may end up higher than you expect but then you can try to whittle it down if you need to. Your guest list impacts every aspect of your budget so make sure it’s the people you really want to be there.

Getting engaged and married are two of the most amazing things you will do in your life. We recommend relishing every moment because before you know it, you will be walking down the aisle.

So live it up and Enjoy!




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