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The List before The List

You are engaged and now a million questions are running through your head. If you are like most brides all the who, what, where and why’s are going a mile a minute!

So, before you start really getting into the checklist offered by every wedding website out there, what do you need to consider first?

Here is The List Before the List.


Who do you want to include in your wedding? Who is going to contribute to paying for it? Who’s coming to the wedding? Do you want an intimate gathering of family? Or a huge affair with everyone and their mother?


Destination? Local?  Hotel? Resort? Barn? Beach? Mountains? Where do envision the ceremony taking place?  Indoors or out? Church or not?


No matter where you live, something to take into consideration is the time of year. Which season do you want to get married in? Are there major holidays that you need to consider when inviting guests, will travel be too expensive? The flowers you love – will they be available at the time of year you are considering?


What are your priorities? What is most important to both of you when planning the wedding? What are your must-haves? And what can be left behind?


How much? Budget is everything when you are planning a wedding be sure to come up with a number that works for you and your families. And be realistic. There are certain percentages allotted to each category, so be sure not to spend the majority of your budget on one thing and have no dollars to spend elsewhere.


Remember the why! Don’t lose sight of why you are doing all of this!

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