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Supremely Stunning Wedding: Elizabeth & Bradley

When it comes to planning a wedding, you never know exactly the journey you’re about to venture on as you make your way towards the big day. Something unexpected is always going to happen, but what makes the whole process worth it is working with the multitudes of great people I’ve met along the way. Meeting new personalities and helping to finely curate an event that will showcase who these clients are has always been my favorite part of event planning.

From the first few moments I spent with Elizabeth and Bradley, I knew that they were beyond great. I knew that–with the help of Karma Goddess Event Planning–this wedding would be one full of joy and laughter and that we would be able to celebrate their love in a beautiful and completely unique way, showcasing who they are as a couple.

Every element of this intimate Covid wedding culminated into something supremely stunning. A chuppah covered in gorgeous white tulle resulted in an extraordinary ceremony, only to be accented by the enchanted oceanfront views.


Photography: Chelsea Erwin

Venue: Family Home

Makeup: Bellelite

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