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Celebrating Love and Heritage: Esther and Jon’s Elegant Vizcaya Museum Wedding

ceremony at vizcaya museum

Having been in the wedding industry for about twenty years, one of my greatest joys is incorporating a couple's culture into their event. Weddings are deeply intimate occasions, offering a couple the chance to share and celebrate their love with their closest family and friends. Including personal customs and traditions in the ceremony not only enriches the experience, but also creates a profound connection to the couple's heritage while honoring their future together.

Esther and Jon’s wedding is a beautiful example of this cultural incorporation. After exchanging their vows, they engaged in a traditional Korean ceremony called "Paebaek." They wore the traditional "hanbok" attire and exchanged tea with their parents, a meaningful gesture that symbolizes respect and gratitude. Following this, their parents tossed dates and chestnuts at Jon, a playful tradition to predict the number of children the couple will have—the number Jon catches represents the anticipated number of children. (Southern Bride, 2021).

The entire event was nothing short of breathtaking. Held at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the venue's elegance and refinement elevated the wedding's atmosphere. Museum weddings are always spectacular because the inherent beauty of the setting means minimal additional décor is needed to create a stunning backdrop, resulting in magnificent photos. The floral arrangements by Julia Rohde Designs added the perfect finishing touch to this already exquisite event, enhancing the ambiance with their natural beauty.


Catering & Rentals: Bill Hansen 

Photography: Evan Rich

Videography: Haseok Chung Studio

Hair & Makeup: Bellelite | Ombre by EJ 

Lighting & Draping: CBK

Dance Floor: W Events

Photo Booth: Photog

Child Care: Nanny Poppinz

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