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Capturing the Vibrant Atmosphere of Kate and Peter's Big Day

While I do love a simple wedding with a classic color scheme–shades of white, cream, etc–one of my favorite things to do is add pops of color to a client's event. Colors can be incorporated into so many different aspects of a wedding, so even if you decide to stick to a traditional white wedding dress, we can make sure your vibrant personality shines through. This was what we did with Kate and Peter. 

With some Karma Goddess magic, we were able to cultivate a color palette that exuded an eclectic, comfortable, and all around homey atmosphere which encompassed the energy of this couple. From the deep blues in both Peter's suit and Kate's mothers dress, to the rusty orange in the flower arrangements, the pops of greens in the florals and the couple's unique wedding cake topper featuring a froggy bride and groom (I’m always a sucker for a playful cake topper)–we can see both Kate and Peters personalities shine through. Making an event that lets my clients' individuality come to life, always puts a smile on my face.

This kind of picturesque event was perfectly accented by the stunning venue–the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens–which has been described as “captivatingly colorful” and “wonderfully whimsical.” Such descriptors, and more, were what made us sure that this venue was exactly what this couple needed for their big day.

Colorful weddings always scream one thing to me: fun! This is exactly how I would describe Kate and Peter's wedding. They had such lovely energy, which allowed us to really bring their dream wedding to life. From the glistening smiles across all faces that night, I knew this was another successful wedding for the Karma Goddess Event Planning team.

Catering: Bill Hansen

Photography: Chelsea Erwin

Music: RWU 

Ceremony Music: AA Musicians

Hair/Makeup: Bellelite

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