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A Day to Remember Package

  • Initial consultation

  • Determine goals of couple/establish budget

  • Reserve ceremony & reception sites (if necessary) 

  • Help with selection of remaining vendors

  • Negotiate all contracts with vendors

  • Point of contact for the vendors

  • All Planning meetings will be via phone or zoom other than initial consult if possible 

  • Attend appointments with the following vendors:
    Caterer, Florist  

  • Arrange all rental equipment

  • Finalize vendor reservations, deposits and contracts

  • Send itinerary, maps and information to all wedding attendants & vendors

  • Handle any regulations or restrictions at ceremony & reception sites

  • Creation of wedding day itinerary

  • Final review of all contracted company officials to assure complete understanding & adjust timing, details of contract where necessary

  • Contacting/confirming set-up/arrival times and details with all vendors 1 week prior to event

  • Construction of detailed timeline for the day, distribution to: vendors, site, family, wedding party
    Schedule load in and strike time for vendors

  • Final meeting to review all details of event 7-10 days prior to event 


  • Attend & coordinate procedure for ceremony

  • Give ushers a list of guests to be seated in reserved seats (if applicable)

  • Make all parties aware of arrival times and meeting places

  • Review with wedding party the processional, recessional and any traditions taking place during the ceremony


Wedding Day

  • Full day service 

  • Contact the bride to reassure her everything is running smoothly

  • Check with ceremony & reception site, Supervise set-up of facilities

  • Make sure all vendors receive final payment

  • Check supplies at guest book and gift table

  • Direct musicians to start prelude, check for arriving guests before ceremony begins

  • Direct vendors during the ceremony and reception

  • Place all accessories in proper places & arrange for them to be picked up by the assigned person at the end of the event

  • Keep activities on schedule

  • Handle all situations that may arise

  • Pack emergency wedding kit

  • Act as liaison between vendors

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