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In this podcast we will cover a full season of wedding planning.
The Good, the Ahhamazing and the Ugly! 


Engaged | Now What?

Episode 1 

Meat Appetizers

Catering & all the yummy things 

Episode 5


Reasons not to hire a planner 

Episode 2 

wedding budget calculator

So Scary |

Budget Issue 

Episode 3

wedding venue

The venue edition How to choose 

Episode 4


Vanessa  | Owner
Karma Goddess Event Planning 

So Yikes, I have almost 20 years experience working on all sorts of events but my happy place is always Weddings. I plan to give you almost all the things to help you plan your wedding and stay sane in the process 

Kat | Wedding Planner 
Karma Goddess Event Planning

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I totally want to know everything about the podcast

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