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Should you include dress code on the invitations? 

Traditionally, we only see a dress code on the invitation if you are requiring black-tie or black tie optional.

If it’s anything else, you can usually list this on your wedding website.


Bear in mind that not all guests will visit your website so if you really want to see your guests dressed a certain way, include in on your details card.

Should we create an A & B list? 
The official answer NO! No one wants to think they are on the “B” list so we don’t really discuss this too much out loud.

Unofficially, yes, we all know there are those guests you will have to invite (family you haven’t seen in 20 years)  and by doing that, maybe some of the people you want to invite get knock off the list.


By having an unofficial “B” list, you can still get those you want to invite in there, because let’s face it those family members you haven’t seen in 20 years probably will not make it.

Should I fire a bridesmaid or groomsman? 

Oh hell, ya! (whoops did I say that out loud)


The answer is unequivocally, YES!!! 


If a certain member of your wedding party is not meeting your expectations it is OK to let them know.


Now, I am not saying you are given permission to run around saying “Off with their head” when things don’t go your way but sometimes during the process, you will realize that one of the people you chose may not be the best fit.


Just remember there was a reason you guys were friends before your wedding, you should try to be friends after this, even if you do have to ask them to step down.

Do I have to give my single friends a plus one? 
Ok, so would you want to go to a wedding dateless, especially if you are single?


Generally speaking, if they have been dating 6 months, there should be an invite for the significant other. But use your best judgment here, and look at each situation individually vs. based on proper etiquette.

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