What we do

We are your one stop shop for all your corporate or social gifting needs. Whether its amenities gifts, holiday gifts, welcome bags, wedding party gifts, Chronicle lets you do all your event gifting in one spot 

Here's a story 'bout some lovely ladies....

Corporate gifting includes but is not limited to: Welcome bags, amenities, holiday gifts 

Corporate Gifting

Social gifting is for all things social, welcome bags, favors, bridal showers, wedding, baby showers, if you need something social, we have you covered. 


Wedding Party 

Wedding party gifting includes, bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts, gifts for your family members

About Us

Here's a story 'bout some ladies... 

Who love the art of gifting! 

Katie & Vanessa have known each other for 10 years.

They realised that they had a joint passion for finding the unique gifts & loved the happiness that it brought people.  

Out of that mutual bond, the idea for Chronicle Gifts was created. 

They took their passion turned into a service that helped their clients find the perfect gifts for groups of all sizes from amenities, takeaways, welcome and more.